About Dan Kline

Dan Kline is the owner and head tattoo artist of Kline Family Ink Tattoo facility located in Emmaus, Pa.

For over 20 years Dan has designed and created original and imaginative artwork alongside some of the top tattoo artists in the world. Dan began his career when the art of tattooing was not popular or desired form of expressive individuality.

Dan’s love affair with traditional American folk art tattooing was cemented in those early days when tattooing was not as easy as it is today. Dan relied on making and creating everything for a session from stencils, tattoo machines, flash, and even the needles. This lifestyle was not for the faint of heart. Tattoo artists required patience and sheer determination to make a living and a name as a premier artist.

Dan has spent the majority of his life in tattoo parlors. He continues to hone his craft, learning new techniques to ensure that he is perfecting new trends that keep him on the forefront of the industry.

Dan is best known for his traditional and Japanese style tattooing, but has been very successful in portraits, black and grey, biochemical, watercolor and dot work. Dan has even done traditional Polynesian tattoos using the stick and poke method.

Understanding that choosing to have a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, Dan takes pride in guiding you through your journey of self-discovery.

Please see Dan’s photos of his body of work and feel free to call or stop in with any questions or concerns.

When I started tattooing and walked into a tattoo parlor; you were immediately hit by a cloud of cigarette smoke and the smell of green soap. You knew you were about to do something that your family would not approve of, that feeling was euphoric. It was that same feeling I had when my dad took me to get my first haircut at the local barber, there were a bunch of old timers telling stories about sports, war stories and of course, girls. I had found my home in those days. I knew it was a place that was different and that others felt the same as I did, it was liberating. –Dan Kline