How to design a tattoo when you cannot draw.

So you want to get a new tattoo, but you are, not an artist and not sure where to start in the process of designing your new tattoo work. So you have a friend who can draw. Moreover, you decide you’ll have them draw up the new tattoo ideas on paper, and this leads to more headache and confusion as you still can’t seem to get it right.Well, here’s a couple of tips to help you out.From an experienced¬†tattoo artist that I use on a daily basis to help people in getting the tattoo they want.

1 . The first thing you need a visual reference for your design, so you are going to want to find something that closely resembles your idea.You do not wish to get some poor old outplayed tattoo flash designs that no ones used since the early 90’s you want something different and artistic. Try using Google, on Google try not to use searches with the word tattoo in them as this is what everyone does, and you tend to get the same old blah designs.You want to get a dreamcatcher type in the word dreamcatcher art, dreamcatcher sketch.

How to design a tattoo when you cannot draw.

how to design a tattoo when you can’t draw.
dream catcher search

If you use dreamcatcher tattoo to search your just going to get, the same old boring designs and very popular played out designs that you always see. Also, another nice feature with Google is you can play around with the image search tools on the left-hand side of the screen.Narrow done your search to say a certain photo size, color, outline when you are looking up your design.

How to design a tattoo when you cannot draw.

how to design a tattoo when you can’t draw.
dream catcher search .
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2. Try using an app like Pinterest to search for your designs. Customers will come in with photos or whole boards dedicated to their new tattoo. Take the reference that you collected over a period into the shop to show the artist. Let’s face it were not all artistic people; this will help in getting your idea across with minimal frustration. You want the process to flow better than if you walk in and really can’t explain what you want to the artist.

3.When you want to get amazing lettering tattoos but just can’t seem to find a font you like.Well, you are in luck cause the internet has multiple sites. You can go and type in a word or two and look at thousands of fonts.In various different style and genres to choose.You can either download the font on your computer and print out what you want to get done. Alternatively, write down the name of the font and the author and take it to the tattoo shop. Have them download it for you to print out your new tattoo most sites with fonts are free and you can get some pretty amazing and different styles of fonts.

4. Try using artistic blogging apps like Tumblr.It is full of creative art and photos I tend to love the app to see much different work that is visually stunning.

5.Have some fun draw up the tattoo design you would like it does not have to be a masterpiece. If all the basics and everything you want are there, you can always bring it into a tattoo artist.Have them redraw it to give you something truly stunning .you’ll get the added fun of being a part of the early design aspect of your tattoo.

6. Probably the most important is to find a tattoo artist who is more than willing to help you in all this process and patient enough to get you to the final design.Finding a tattoo shop nowadays is easy! Finding one that is comfortable and easy going and without an ego that is tough. I see frequent people with not so happy memories of their new tattoo and there in to see me on how I could improve it or make it into what they had in mind in the first place. The key is to check out the artist work online or in person.Ask lots of questions that is why were here. We provide you a service if the artist cannot meet theses needs then chances are your not going to be satisfied with the result. Now I am not saying to go in demanding things. Go in on a day when you are not rushed to be somewhere and sit and talk with them. If the artist is busy, ask if he has time later or on another day. At any point, you do not feel comfortable with the artist or his ideas or say they want to change something you want tell them you are not really into it.No one wants to go to get a tattoo they didn’t want. Keep in mind this is permanent and a life long decision. Put some thought and time into it. The outcome will be something you’ll live with and cherish the rest of your life.
Hopefully, you found some new ideas to help you in your next tattoo adventure.


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